Goating around in Jamestown

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Written by:Zoe on: June 20, 2013

Goat takes stroll in Jamestown. What of it?

Bad ass goat strolls around Jamestown unaccompanied. I imagine this goat is thinking: “Don’t watch me yeah?”

Goating around

Goats wander around the city like stray cats or dogs – which is weird. I’ve seen them hanging out on dual carriageway’s, chewing cud on the main “circles” or roundabouts at busy intersections and junctions, down busy high streets, queuing at chop bars – what strikes me is – given that goat is so frequently on the menu over here why are these goats not livestock and owned by someone? Maybe there is a fast and loose goat ownership policy here. Could any one of these goats get snatched up and turned into small chop in the blink of an eye… When I asked someone why there were so many goats strolling around Accra seemingly unowned the person replied “Freedom of Movement chale, it’s Democracy in Action” followed by long hearty laugh.